Deliver with know-now technology™

Delivery Management Software Solutions with a modern technology stack supporting;
Proof of delivery, Signature capture, Photo capture, GPS tracking, Order Routing, Load Building with integrations to WMS, TMS, ERP and EDI

Using Apple or Android based mobile devices.

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  • Fast and secure
    Our system uses advanced mobile device streamlining technology to capture each event activity and signature captured, thereby reducing bandwidth requirements over the cellular network allowing you to save money on service provider data plans. Additionally the Demon Systems DMN apps can work in a totally 'offline' mode once orders have been downloaded to the device, subsequently allowing deliveries to be made in areas where there is no internet connection or with devices which use wifi only connections.
  • Workflow driven
    Supports standardized business process flows to allow you to configure standard operating procedures based on a configurable 'Order type'.
  • Signature and Photo Capture
    Implement full proof of delivery within your supply chain. Record inbound good receipts with photographic evidence and recipient signature. Or for outbound deliveries, record customer signatures and retain photographic evidence.
  • Barcode Entry and Verification
    Scan and record barcodes on receipt or pickup. By scanning carrier barcodes, package tracking information can be accurately recorded thereby allowing later status inquiry by user, or systems integration to Purchasing, Sales Order or Transportation management systems. On delivery optionally require staff to re-scan barcodes to ensure that packages are delivered to the proper location.
  • Order and Driver location tracking
    Track every order using the real-time tracking capability of the Demon system. Because we use internet connected mobile devices every step of the way is continuously tracked. Driver movements are tracked via breadcrumbs transmitted from their mobile devices and activity events such as delivery arrival or delivery completed enable you to know the exact status of an order at any time.
  • Load planning and route optimization
    Our rules based routing engine will automatically assign orders to the correct route. Whether you deliver at times such as 10am, 2pm or 4pm the Order type and Service level required for each order will be managed by the system to assign the order to the correct route to meet or exceed your customers expected service level. Additionally our Google powered route optimization engine with real-time traffic information will sequence each planned route to minimize both time and mileage usage, thereby saving you money on both fuel and expenses.
Workflow Driven
Route Optimization
Mobile Devices
Order and Driver Tracking


  • Monthly
  • $199
  • Per month
  • Silver Level
  • Features
  • Signature Capture
  • Photo Capture
  • Track Drivers
  • Track Orders
  • Barcode Scanning